If there’s one thing we must not do, is to do nothing

“It is sickening to see thousands of refugees drowning on the doorstep of the world’s wealthiest continent. No one risks the lives of their children in this way except out of utter desperation.” _ Angelina Jolie

On the front pages the images and stories being printed can create a sense of desperation and powerlessness.

Especially from here, 12.000+ km away from the countries where help is needed the most, I have been forced to watch most of the European governments and institutions react in an insane way to the arrival of people who are doing nothing else but seeking safety for themselves and their dear ones.

I won’t talk about my disappointment, and neither about the raising phobias. They scare me. I wished we’d learn enough from history not to commit the same mistakes again.

Instead, I prefer to focus on all those people who feel an inner voice roaring, who have a desire to do something, to act, to contribute to the cause in any possible way. Even through media I can see a lot of us, more than what we imagine, expressing their frustration and constantly asking: how can I help? What can I do?

Chatting with a friend of mine earlier today, I found myself writing:

… The world needs good people to at least try to do the right thing.

And maybe they’ll fail… but they’ll inspire others while trying. Or maybe they will move that boundary a little bit.

Either way… if there’s one thing we must not do, is to do nothing.

Right after writing it, I’ve realised how much I mean it.

As long as I will be able to exercise my freedom to act, I want my energies to be invested in projects which aim to change those things that are wrong and that need to be changed.

I, like anybody else, fear failure.
I, like anybody else, am afraid that whatever I will do will not be enough to change anything.

But I won’t let any of this to get in my way.

In situations like this one, with such complex challenges, what we tend to do is to just look at what we’ve got and to ask what could we bring to the cause, what could be useful.

12.000+ km away from the places where I’d be needed on the ground… all I could think about is that I have technology on my side. Especially, I have a technology that I’ve created with some of the smartest people I know, that we can offer to better coordinate activities, contributions and ideas on how we can make things work better for every single person who is reaching our shores.

After speaking with the rest of my team, we have decided to provide Flythegap to help players on the ground gather projects, ideas and resources to help those in need.

We’ll try to reach out to every single organisation, group or person who is welcoming refugees, and we will also build a database of these players via this form.

Please if you know any organisation or group that is taking action, let us know.

I will be posting updates here, with the links of every flythegap-challenge launched, so that anyone will be able to see where these initiatives are and how we can all provide our knowledge, feedback and any ideas that might be the next groundbreaking solution to this problem.

Thank you, to every single person and organisation who is already taking action.

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 – – –

As Flythegap, we know we haven’t launched our latest version of the product yet.

But considering the events, we have decided that there’s no better moment to put your product out than when it could make the difference for something that matters.

And this, to us, matters a lot.

To get in touch, please email us: info@flythegap.com