My response to the #IcedBucketChallenge

Three days ago my italian friend Matteo Flora challenged me to take the Iced Bucket Challenge.

I’ve been following and even studying this campaign – its dynamics, its polemics – and I’ve come to the point when I simply say: whatever works.

This campaign managed to engage people all over the world, period. People gave money, didn’t give money, posted a video, challenged others to do the same, made comments and critics, laughed about it… still, we all united. Even for just a bunch of seconds, we united around this cause.

That’s why I take the challenge, I respond with the resources I have, and I challenge:

Emanuela Donetti
Marco Nannini
Daniel Truran
John Tolva
Martina Buchal

This challenge asks you to be aware. I ask you: be creative.

There are uncountable ways to raise awareness around a cause. With or without an iced bucket.

For some inspiration, check:
Casey Neistat’s response
Patrick Stewart’s response

Simple acts of kindness make the world a better place for everyone.

Beyond borders. Beyond polemics. Let’s all unite.

iced buket