It’s been two weeks now since I landed in Santiago, and exactly 10 days since I’m officially part of the Startup Chile Program.

While the first week was mostly about getting some point of reference and meeting some of those people we’re going to co-work (and have fun) with in the next months, this second week has been about settling down and get our businesses and projects running again.

Despite the intermittent access to the Internet (still no WIFI connection in our apartment, we’re working on it) I had the chance to get in touch with some of the people I and we, as Flythegap, work with back in Europe.

“So how’s Startup Chile? How’s the program?” it’s been a question many of them asked me, and the answer is worth sharing.

First of all, I might be wrong but – this is the only program I know that invests public funds in cross-sector and international private companies, asking social impact activities on the territory in return instead of equity.

Yes, there’s room for improvement (I dare you to name any program or organization that doesn’t need any improvement) but what I see here is a call to action that every four months brings entrepreneurs coming from any country of the globe to the same city, trying to build an environment that is not just made of business plans, pitches and ROI projections but that asks us to think over how we could create value for others – personally and with our businesses.

They ask, and then they require action. Which is something I feel very much needed, here and now just as in many other places in the world.

Maybe this program doesn’t give the woah-amount-of-money we all dream for our projects, and maybe it’s very different from what the Silicon Valley or any other startup environment have to offer, at any level.

But if even just 50% of the entrepreneurs who have been part of the Startup Chile program get away with an enhanced focus on what’s the impact they and their business can create in the world, well…

then I am not only glad to be here. I’m also glad Startup Chile is trying to make this difference.

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