That was your input: please tell us more.

And with “your” I mean you guys, a surprisingly high number of people who, in the past days, weeks and years, have more or less patiently suggested me to “storytell more” – to share more about my travels, reflections, drawings, projects, adventures

I feel like the right time has come.
I feel like it became important – also for me.

Also – today was a “day 0”.

One of those days when you’re not anymore where you were yesterday and you’re not fully in the next place yet.

I woke up this morning in a city that 3 months ago I didn’t know it was going to be my home and my workplace for at least 6 months. A city that has been able to give me a pretty clear message, since the very first stroll I took: “UP”.

Santiago _ day0

“UP” like: look up.

Like raise up – your eyes, your dreams, your voice, your hopes, your principles… yourself.

And this is pretty much what I’m working on or – more precisely: what I’m breathing for. This is what my whole life evolves around right now, in so many ways that I don’t think I’m going to be able to explain them all right here, right now.

But that’s also what blogs are made for, right? To tell stories. To “storytell more”, inch by inch, not all at once.

Let’s do that, then. A “day 0” sounds like a perfect moment to begin.

Santiago, Chile, Day 0: let’s go UP.

“We must do it today, because today is when matters”.


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  1. Sisa

    Tanta fortuna a te! Ti seguirò su questo bellissimo blog e magari ci vedremo quando sarò a Santiago a novembre. 😉

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