The Purpose Timeline Workshop

On Purpose, and impermanence


We are often asked or expected to have one, clear purpose driving us.

We know that this is just not feeling right, or possible, for many of us, for a multitude of different reasons. 

The Purpose Timeline is a workshop designed to guide you through the process of identifying the multiple values, passions and purposes that drive you, and how to build what’s missing to connect all of them to your current situation.

It’s about mapping out what you really want in life, both on the personal and professional side, and connecting the dots to design the right strategy.

It’s about fulfilment and balance.

This workshop was created by @folletto e @meg_pagani as a tool, a compass to encourage as many people as possible to navigate this process of constant evolution and reinvention, always choosing to transform into a more whole and true version of ourselves.

To the date, more than 200 people have joined the Purpose Timeline workshop, from the most diverse backgrounds and cultures.

The Purpose Timeline workshop might be a good fit if:

– you are going through a period of deep personal change and transformation
– you are considering to change the path of your career
– you took some time off, and you want to use it to think and draw new routes for your life
– you feel like you’re standing in front of a white canvas, a whole new life chapter
– you sense something is off, you crave change and you’d like to dive deeper

The total time needed is about 3h, and can be done individually or with a group of maximum 7 people. I organise workshop regularly, in different cities.

You can book your session below, or reach out for more information.