The Transformative Purpose Framework

After ~10 years of work on sustainable development and social impact, and due to my parallel passion for behavioural sciences and psychology, it became of undeniable priority for me to confirm that no real change is possible, at any level, if we don’t embrace and take care of our own change, transformation and healing process first.

I believe that it exists an intersection between personal development and collective purpose, and that it’s at that intersection that we are able to create different types of reality. In fact, this is the first time ever, in the history of our specie, that we posses all the knowledge and the capacity to choose consciously what reality we want to shape at that key intersection.

It became undeniable for me the fact that both those dimensions and domains are equally fundamental, and that need to be aligned. I consider this one of our most important gifts: the ability to evolve both individually and collectively, choosing how to develop ourselves and how that reflects on the process and on the path of others.

My deepest commitment is to to explore that intersection, and to give shape to models and resources able to guide us in creating better, more inclusive realities from a place of prosperity, and not scarcity.

This research involves studying:

> language, different types of verbal and non-verbal language;
> how words, gestures and icons shape our cognitive and behavioural processes;
> behavioural change and development models;
> belief systems, religions and different spirituality currents;
> symbology, both spiritual and cultural, from all cultures of the world;
> systemic models for development, proven to be able to show that connectedness of each individual to a whole is not something to aim for: it’s our truest nature.


I translate part of the above research in the work I do with different projects and wearing different hats: I am the founder of, an organisation that selects the most impactful and meaningful projects on the planet and translate them in formats (called blueprint) and makes them available to community anywhere in the world, to use and adapt them to their own context; I am the founder of The Purpose Timeline, a framework that brings together behavioural sciences, psychology and sociology to offer a journey able to explore the backwards and forwards dimension of purpose: in fact, if we don’t redefine how we look at our past, we can’t unleash the force able to give shape to a future truly aligned with our core.

Last but not least, I am part of a research group that he’s exploring holistic models of sustainable development for cities and communities. In particular, my research focuses on taking the holistic model of Bhutan, called Gross National Happiness model, and translate it to be applied in cities or areas of cities, with the goal of ensuring an holistic, coordinated and long-term approach when choosing what projects and interventions applying in a specific location and community. 

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