One of the most important questions of our times is:
how can we grow AND contribute to a collective, better future?

(R)evolutionary is a journey dedicated to explore themes, tools and practices of personal transformation and impact. The sessions include:

  • models from ancient cultures
  • case studies of impact projects from 5+ regions
  • actionable frameworks to use in our initiatives and local communities.

Current main series:

(R)evolutionary – Codes for Reinvention.

Codes for Reinvention: a journey to explore (and apply) the tools and principles that guided our transformation across time and history.

Codes for Reinvention is a series focused on exploring the symbols, archetypes, principles and codes of transformation from different cultures and ancient knowledge, in order to apply them for our personal or professional reinvention. 

Every session is composed of:

  • a short introduction of the weekly theme on my Instagram (Live)
  • a 1h session online (40 min workshop, ~15 min break outs and Q&A) using Zoom. Every session will focus on one code, symbol or principle and will provide actionable steps, practices or habits that we can further explore and apply in our daily life.

You can find below the full list of upcoming events, with the links to sign up (they are all FREE).

Spring 2020 program

  • The Sandstorm and the Silent Night. April 1st, 7.30pm GMT. Link to register here.
  • Fear as a Mirror and Ally. April 8th, 6.30pm GMT
  • Trigger, Reaction and The Pause: a love story. April 15th, 6.30pm GMT
  • The missing piece for Reinvention: endings. April 22nd, 6.30pm GMT.
  • Identity, Identifications and Desires: the voice of Purpose. April 29th, 6.30pm GMT.
  • Transformation decoded: Habits, Rules and Rituals. May 6th, 6.30pm GMT.